Adrienne Gingras

Director in Utah

Adrienne Gingras

Director in Utah

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Many moons ago, I grew up on a cattle and horse farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I started my love for farms and animals at a very young age.

I attended the same private girls boarding school in Maryland that my Mother attended. Every weekend, I couldn't wait to get home to the farm and be with my beloved horses, dogs and nature.

In 1989, when I started my career in Healthcare, I realized how much I loved data and modeling data to tell a story; one that could be a source of truth about a person, place or thing (a majority of the time).

Data also forces one to be organized, look at the detail and ask questions which is a passion of mine.

If you look at my LinkedIn Profile, you'll see that I've worked a lot of places and had a lot of experience with some fabulous, well known companies.

I wanted my career experience portfolio to be well rounded and cover a vast amount of areas because it shows my adaptability to learn new situations and scenarios.

However, the one thing that has remained consistent is that I care deeply for the teams and people that work for and with me because their success is partly dependent on me as a Leader and colleague.

If you ask me what pet peeves I have...Well I can tell you I'm not keen on being in tons of meetings and getting nothing done. Walking out of an hour meeting with no actionable "to-do's" drives me crazy. Meetings can be one of the most inefficient uses of time unless they're structured properly and have an effective end result.

Now, switching to my current state...

I live in Utah and recently took a much needed sabbatical in 2015 to start a small boutique Quarter Horse breeding business. So far, so good

Now I'm headed back to Corporate life in 2016

Thanks for taking the time to ready about me

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