Adrienne Leon

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Adrienne Leon

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Hey, World! Thanks for checking out my page. I'm not big on using social media in my personal life, but I really dig About.Me! Here's the short of my story...

I'm an Atlanta native and I'm fortunate to be getting paid for simply doing what I love. I drive marketing and communications efforts for 25 sites that comprise Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta - the second largest Boys & Girls Club branch in the United States.

Being a marketing specialist at BGCMA is the perfect hybrid position as sharing inspiring stories and mentoring youth are very important to me.

I'm a big proponent of operating with purpose. Life is too short to be doing otherwise. I often sit back and laugh at the direction my journey has taken so far...

Growing up, I was far from a straight A student, had absolutely no ambitions of going to college...and earning a masters degree??? Ha! - That certainly was not in MY plan. But to my surprise, I later achieved all of these things, and then some.

It's funny how discovering your gifts and passion can change your outlook on life and fuel your drive to succeed. I strive to encourage kids to start their journey of discovery sooner than later.

In my spare time, I speak to local high school and college students about career readiness. I host interactive storytime sessions (IN COSTUME) at local libraries, shelters, Headstart programs and elementary schools. It's my way of fostering the joy of learning and motivating kids to dream, and to dream big. (P.S. - I've got something really cool in the works for my tween girls! More to come about that.)

The short version of my story is getting a little long, but one other thing I must note is that the invaluable experiences I gained while working in the TV and newspaper industries prepared me for my current role. Things really do come full circle!

Thanks for stopping by. This page is a work in progress, so stay tuned! Contact me at if you have any questions. Let's make 2016 a great one!

  • Education
    • M.A., Journalism, Roosevelt University
    • B.A., Public Relations, Alabama State University