Adya Vac

There is one rule I swear by, and live by: "Change is the only constant". So whatever I say now, is the truth, unless events happens to bring about a change.

To pen down a few things about me: I am a bibliophile, my favourite genres being Dystopian Literature, Fantasy Fiction and Science Fiction. Harry Potter is one of the biggest and most influential experiences I have had.

I have a somewhat eccentric taste in movies.

I have been a feminist since before I even knew what the word meant, before it entered the vocabulary of my little self. (and no, feminism does not mean man-hater)

Coldplay never fails to surprise me, I want to perhaps die listening to them.

People who can stimulate me intellectually, who make my neurons go crazy, are my weakness.

I am obsessively passionate about swimming, and thus water bodies like lakes, rivers, waterfalls, beaches, put my friends on alert, trying to make sure I won't jump in.

I like dogs, but I love cats, and I often wonder if I should have a monkey.

I love strolling in mustard fields when they are in full bloom.

Travel. Its a journey I haven't been able to undertake on the scale I want to, yet.

I am a self proclaimed budding historian. I can go to historical places, archaeological digs, innumerable times. if I had a time machine, I have a gigantic list ready, to go into the past, to see, to know.

Which gets me to the most important point, I 'need' to know, its my poison.