Adi Wicaksono

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Adi Wicaksono, simply called Adi, Ed, or Akso, is an owner of bachelor degree of English Linguistics and recently obtained his DELF B2 Français diploma.

He is a jack-of-all trades in mostly everything; used to work as a multi-purposes English tutor, IELTS-TOEFL-TOEIC tutor, a tarot consultant, an expatriate for a full year in Western Australia as an Indonesian language and culture teacher, and now working as a part time lecturer, an English tutor, and an English-Français-Bahasa Indonesia translator, He is also a part time freelance personal trainer. In between those time, he also is a zodiac and tarot reader, and currently learning palmistry.

He is very much interested in languages, cultures, psychology, history, music, graphic design, interior design, animation, gaming, and subjects related to both logical and artistical fields. He loves to read and likes to do sports as well, such as fencing and badminton, yet not very good in team games (basketball, soccer, etc).

With the gift of fast-learning skill towards new things, he likes to try many new things to enrich his point of view of this diversed world.

  • Work
    • Orhacles
  • Education
    • Bachelor Degree of English Linguistics
    • Ifi-Lip Yogyakarta
    • State University of Malang