Free from the heavy lifting of coming up with the whole story, fan fiction writing has become my escape when the pressures of writing become too great. My latest fic has revolved around deconstructing a character whose motivations in the original work were not explicitly described. This has helped me immensely with characterization when working on my own novel. I am very sensitive to copyright issues and would never write a fic about a work by an author who has banned the use of their material. However, I believe that well-written fan fiction can only enhance the marketability of the original work and bring greater boons to the real author, which is as it should be. I hope to continute to write fan fiction and write about the genre itself as it is very misunderstood. I also hope to continue to work on my own novel, which, if the gods be good, will eventually be useful to the fan fiction writers of the future.

My background is attributed to akshay moon.