Alessandro Afrune

Web Developer in Corciano, Italia

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I'm a software developer in J2EE or .NET environments. I worked with several languages, in particular with Java (also using EJB) and C#(to create Web Application or Web Services WCF). I used different frameworks, like, for example, JSF, Spring or Struts and ORM(iBatis and Hibernate, used for CRUD operations). During my developments, I use several applications, like Eclipse or Visual Studio for edit code, or Tomcat, JBoss and IIS for application deployment.

Besides, in my professional experience, I've learned Object Orientation Programming and MVC(Model-View-Controller) pattern. I know also different tools for source control, like CVS, SVN or GIT, Quartz-Scheduler for scheduling , or SQLDeveloper and Oracle Toad, and other languages like PHP, SQL, Javascript or HTML(even if is considered, correctly, like a "pseudo language" because it don't make an elaboration, but defines only the web page structure).

Finally I love also Computer Grafic and Android. I'm a curious person and I like very much study new languages or technologies.