Afsheen Khan

ConceptualizingWords to Reflect the Minds

Hey What's Cooking?

Welcome to a simple voyage of a writer starting from scratch...

Afsheen Khan is an 89 born Delhi based writer, garnered her bachelors degree in Advertising & Public Relation from Kamala Nehru College, Delhi University. Later obtained her Masters of Arts in English from Jamia Milia Islamia and acting upon as pro writer. Travelling, reading, photography and blogging are all to make her on the move. What all describes her is that she is always in for expedition to the extent of experiencing life.

Celebrating life in each passing moment is the agenda, she sticks to. She cares to explore the forms of art and certainly thinks that creative thoughts are required to be a immaculate writer. Fine thoughts can merely harnessed through wisdom and precise knowledge about the concept, that would compel an author to draft a masterpiece- a line art of the imagination. Her work can be seen in the spectrum of brand management, content marketing and social media optimization.

  • Education
    • BA (Advertising & PR) & MA (English)