Vijay Nachimuthu

My name is Vijay, a passionate business and technology professional specializing in enterprise applications consulting. The days of "technology-as-a-service" has descended upon us, and I myself have my head in the cloud these days. Serve as a grass root employee of Altaflux Corporation - a business and technology consulting firm based in Troy, Michgan.

On rainy and snowy days, I write at Cloud-e Mind blog, which focuses on Cloud Applications, Platform, Data and Integration topics.

Altaflux was formed with a mission and vision of creating a company that would liberate people and elevate their strengths while providing value add solutions that help its clients. I knew the power inherent in valuing the contributions of your people and inspiring their personal growth by empowering them to take risks and creative chances. The result has been building a top-notch team that is having fun delivering what others only promise !

I believe your business model should innovate and induce disruptive thinking. Far too often, we create a culture that does not daily challenge us to examine the “what if.” I believe in cultivating an environment where breakthrough solutions are developed because people are empowered to break the tried and true to reach for what is next.

At Altaflux our mission is to develop solutions that meet at the intersection of practical real world value and next generation innovation. With visionary big picture thinking and a depth of business expertise we seek to innovate solutions that solve today’s problems with an eye on the needs of the next generation.

Come discover Altaflux and you will understand why our people make the difference

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