Ali Gohar Wassan

Hyderabad, Sindh

Hello , I am Ali Gohar Wassan

i m doing B.E in Telecommunication From Mehran University of Engineering & Technology JamShoro .and having little bit intrest in Robotics and Technology .

I m Aslo Founder and CEO of .

President & CEO at S.A.L.Y.E.S

Event Manager at HidHydian

MuetTech : is a Educational Website Specially for Engineers of every field and Technology . MuetTech contain following things:

E-Books (Pdf)

Engineering Softwares

Technology News


Eng: Notes

Final Year Projects

Mini Robotics Projects

S.A.L.Y.E.S : SHAH ABDUL LATIF YOUTH EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY is Charitable Organization which provides the financial support to needy students in order to give them chance to rise themselves . So,Let them dare to dream & see those dreams comes true.

Let’s act as catalysts to change passion to excel & empowering them.

To provide the financial support to needy students.
To support them in every aspect.

HidHydian :

Revealing hidden talent of Hyderabad and its people since 18th June 2012.

The land of Sufism and the city of breezes, having incomparable value with Paris or Tokyo. Yes, we're talking about Hyderabad! We aim to spread the love and the brilliance of this little 'Brotherhood ka Neighbourhood' . And so you know, we are, Hashtagged -