Allison Gaddy

Allison Gaddy

Allison co-founded the Gaddy Group with her father, Michael Gaddy, who manages the

company’s Charlotte, North Carolina, operations. In addition to overseeing the company’s

Austin operations, Allison is responsible for day-to-day decision-making, sales and

marketing, business development, and overall corporate strategy. Allison earned a

Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from DePaul University and a Master’s Degree from the

University of Southern California (USC). She also holds a prestigious GRI designation from

the Gradate Real Estate Institute®, is a member of the Institute for Luxury Home

Marketing® and boasts a foundation firmly rooted in the real estate industry.

Allison started her career in real estate as the founder and broker of a successful

real estate group in the heart of Chicago, Illinois, during the ‘90s and early

2000s. In this role she also invested in property and partnered with a leading

builder, overseeing the construction of several multimillion-dollar homes from the

ground up. In the early 2000s, Allison relocated to Los Angeles, California, where

she pursued her Master’s Degree at USC and served as VP of Business

Development with a private mortgage bank that originated loans to thousands of

families. In this capacity, and during her extensive real estate career, Allison has

helped thousands of families buy and sell real estate, build their dream home,

invest in income-producing property, and meet their broader real estate

objectives. In 2010 Allison relocated to Austin and returned to her home state of

Texas to pursue her real estate career in one of the strongest markets in the


Allison brings her dedication to her clients’ personal goals to every transaction,

and her ability to tap into her experience and vast professional network provides

her clients with a unique combination of experience, wisdom, and knowledge.

The strength of this combination and Allison’s unique skills are quickly pushing

Gaddy Group to the top of the Austin real estate market and professionals and

clients alike are taking notice. We would value the opportunity to put our success

to work for you.