Aga Skala PhD

Warsaw, Poland

PhD in economics, graduated from Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), Assistant Professor at Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), co-founder and CEO at SPINSchool, co-founder of Małe Gadki.

  • Entrepreneurship Educator at WUT since 2007, 2009-2012 Coordinator of Entrepreneurship Education at the University,
  • Since 2010 together with Piotr Wilam and Marek Kapturkiewicz involved in educational program for startups – incorporated in 2011 as SPINSchool. SPIN Workshops for Tech Startups are based on Customer Development philosophy,
  • Co-founder at (w/Joanna Majewska)
  • Lead Organizer of the first edition of Startup Weekend NEXT in Warsaw (Nov/Dec 2012),
  • Case studies writer,
  • graduated from Lean LaunchPad Educators Program @University of Berkeley in 2012.
  • Work
    • Warsaw University of Technology