Grayson (Xbox LIVE's "The Agent E")

Technology has always played a Integral role in my life, and now it becomes a integral role in my Community Involvement at Microsoft. when doing something that you enjoy like Xbox, or Music, or Computers, turns into a passion, you can take that passion to Do things greater than yourself. This year I was bestowed the Honor of being Nominated for the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award for my Contributions to The Community through the Xbox LIVE Ambassadors Program, the Bing Insiders, and various other Microsoft Communities. Being Nominated for this extremely Prestigious award was incredibly Exciting, However I was unable to receive this because the age limit for the program was beyond my Grasp. This Didn't stop my Drive to succeed in the Various Communities that I participate in. I'm still am an Active Xbox Ambassador, Bing Insider, and Windows, Xbox, and Bing Community Contributer. Through all this I am able to provide much of my cognoscenti Knowledge in these Fields as much as I can, whenever and wherever I can. You will find me as a Humbled, Honest, Fair, and Generally Approachable gamer, Friend, And Mentor. You may add me on Xbox LIVE: "The Agent E" or Follow my work on Twitter @TehAgentE, Visit my Blog at and use the resources below to take a look into the Communities that I am proud to claim involvement in.

Cheers! -Grayson "The Agent E"