Megan Herdrich

Spokane Valley, Washington

I would describe myself as a geeky aloof woman who likes to tinker and break software. I also enjoy computer games. The online environment helps me to focus in a way so that I can concentrate on one item for a long period of time and think about current challenges. Away from the computer, tablet, or phone I enjoy gardening, time with my pets and time with good friends and family. Tinkering, finding outside the box solutions, and breaking technology in order to improve it is a long time family tradition. I learn quickly. I am tenacious. I have a lot to offer. I grow and learn in order to become better and more competent at what I do. With all of the above I also enjoy researching just about any thing, agriculture, communication, and I enjoy digging around through raw data.

  • Work
    • TechDreams
  • Education
    • Central Valley High School
    • Spokane Community College
    • Eastern Washington University
    • Asbury Theological Seminary