NagaPoorneshwaran Manoharan

Life interests me a lot, the way it works and proves how it is bigger than anything else in the world. I am more interested in asking why and how things are happening. I try my best to keep my personal opinions, moods and feelings away from my way of thinking as influence of these things can deviate me away from knowing the truth behind things.I have a very unique way of looking at things; I think it’s my strength and my identity. I am a Little bit tough guy. I still struggle to express my views, I always just conceptualize the consequences that will be awarded. I believe in my ideas and I am always in a quest for people who are interested in understanding them rather than opposing them. But it is harder for them to understand me and to make a step towards me. I am a very ambitious and optimistic guy. I have always believed that I had the potential to confront and conquer the out-most supreme, what ever the situation may be or any. My passion is not winning and I give my best to whatever I choose to do. I never prefer to be an winning idiot but I used to gather, use and spread the knowledge, in which I'm sufficient and always used to teach what i have learned to my fellows or some others.