Agim Zeka

Father in New Belgrade, Serbia

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I am individual universal human border less, art artist, vocal soloist universal music and writer . I am prepared directly volunteering independent and group performances of works with electricity, plumbing, sewage, construction of classic and latest models, agriculture, livestock, wine, appliances, furniture, tapestry, auto electrics, fine art, different orientation, canvas, wall and furniture many of these living environments and needs.

I am single father since from 1995. I have two children-girls which go in second grade for Law and Security in the University John Naisbitt in New Belgrade Yugoslavia . They learn phenomenal under very difficult ,,,

I am very adaptable and tolerant, and as a reasonable person, very honest. I do not smoke and do not drink. I will also point out that I am a very responsible and hard working. I know cooking and I love it. That is one of my favorite hobby Otherwise the driver three categories (B, C, E). Physically I am strong and ready and we have strong physical will and I am very intelligent, and sensible humor and execution humor.

We live in St. Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 193/2; 11070 New Belgrade EU SFRY

Best regards,

Agim Zeka