Agnibha Mukhopadhyay

Born on 5th of December, I am restless sagittarius. I am ofetn called as "Agni", that's how "Fire" is being interpreted in Sanskrit and do enjoy the same . And why shouldn't I (my jodiac element is "Fire" indeed) ? general, I'm a kind of guy who loves implementing new ideas, exploring global culture and mainly concerned with the "big picture".

To be professional, I'm an M.Tech from IIIT,Hyderabad(India) taht is world's most prestigious research institute in it's own field. My interests lies in the domain of Enterprise Rersource Planning (ERP, SAP to be specific), Artificial Neural Networking and last but not the least, DNA. But,to be practical, I must say that I don't like life being so much complecated by the technological advancement, instead of being a technologist myself.

What next ? leisure hours ! ! ! ! ! While not being involved in any kind of brainstorming activity, I usually like to have a ride on my bike and enjoy experiencing rest of the world disappearing against my motion ...... yeah, it's a real fun and am still alive ! Just kiding....ha ha ha ha . Oops, forgot to mention.....I often take the authority to be a bengali rock vocalist when I am with my grup of buddies and my passion for rock music even gets multiplied while listening to Rupam Islam, the originator of "Fossils", my favourite band. Aaah..

You know, I am a biiiig foodie and I don't scare if I've to cook myself (secret.....the first day when I prepared a dish of chicken, I myself could not take that :-) but things have changed a lot now and I'm glad to consider myself as not a great but a good cook ). Soooo..what do I like and what not? I'm crazy about fish and this part of the world has excellent resource of the same, so fortunate I'm. Chicken ? Yuup..of course, I don't miss a single chance to cherish a good piece....Wow, it's mouth watering ! Have u ever tried vodka with chicken lollipop?'s a great feeling. Still....I drink socially and don't smoke at all. How ever, to be back on track, I must say that I can't deny the over influencive existance of chinese dishes in my daily diet

That's all about me. Catch me at ...........

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