Andrea A.G. Grossi

Milano, Lombardy, Italy

Human Being (until proved wrong)

Atheist (no gods required)



I live here in Milano City, Italy, Europe, Planet Earth, Milky Way, Local Universe

I love Music: Classical, Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Grunge, Crossover, Delta Blues, Rock Blues, Martial Industrial, Cold Wave, Electronic, Synthpop, Krautrock, Avant-Garde, Experimental and some more.

I love Books: you can find me in these communities: Goodreads

I love Cinema: got an iMDB profile!

I love Science Fiction.

I love Horror.

I love Mathematics, Modern Physics, Relativistic Mechanic, Quantum Mechanic, Quantum Field Theory, Astronomy, Cosmology, Astrophysics, High-energy Physics, Nuclear Physics.

I love Making Lists!

I Love Mac Baren Black: I think it’s the best tobacco in the world! Find out why HERE.

Is there something I do not love or dislike? Yes but they are worthless to be mentioned here.

Is there something I hate? No, not really. Got no time to waste on hate.

Why I write in english, since I’m italian and live in Italy? Because I can. Because some of the people I’m connected to live abroad and because I find it funny. ‘Nuff Said!

  • Work
    • Freelancer
  • Education
    • Computer Science
    • Medical Student