Aguirre Pictures

Aguirre Pictures Entertainment, S.A. is a film production and distribution company that is committed with everyone to bring films that exceeds viewer's expectations. Since 2010, Aguirre Pictures has been searching the best stories, characters and best-sellers books. Aguirre Pictures has five divisions that are managed by Aguirre Motion Pictures Group, which bring different types of films for different audiences: Aguirre Pictures (massive audience - worldwide release), Aguirre Pictures Classics (independent films) and Lighthouse Pictures (high-quality suspense, action, thriller and urban features), Artisan International Pictures (it only acquires distributions rights) and Sunlight Cinema (it partially finance film projects and acquires distribution rights of those projects). Both companies release films for either commercial or arthouse films audience. Aguirre Pictures counts with two divisions to help screenplays come to life: Aguirre Pictures Studios (production & post-production facilities) and Aguirre Pictures International (marketing and film distribution)

Aguirre Pictures Entertainment is a subsidiary of Denis Corporation, which is part of AguirreCorp that was founded with sole purpose of bringing to public and companies the best products in media, consulting - financial services, agricultural and industrial products.