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is a neophyte in alternative news media.

My name is Cully and I've been reading alternative news for many years. More so since I dumped my TV in disgust a few years ago as mainstream became more centralised.

We began to see that it was not only bought and paid for by vested corporate interests but written by them as well.

Avenues for debate became narrower as the big 6 communications groups in the States began to consolidate.

'Left and 'Right' became simply hawkish and moderate right. Both essentially business parties, and alternative views ...even 3rd party candidates did not get a fair hearing on 'the news'..

Now it is difficult to find a journalist who won't be fired for telling the truth if it doesn't fit into the hidden script, many have left the profession entirely rather than face the prospect of having to lie for a living.

We still use the term alternative news or alternative media but increasingly it's not the 'alternative' news once associated by nearly all of us with conspiracy theories and the like. Instead increasingly it IS the news or at least the only news you can trust to broaden your perspective and keep you awake.

The mainstream, much like the election process is simply a carnival of propaganda where 'journalists' rarely investigate or deviate in any significant way from the party line.

It's now a messianic religion whose dissenters are kept off the air or simply mocked shamelessly by corporate lackeys with huge ego's. and even bigger salaries.

For a while Ahaa will be a mixture of news aggregation and personal views but hopefully it will grow as a project and others will also have their say.

I don't believe that right or left are particularly pertinent terms in today's world. Why box yourself in when the real news is about the survival of humanity itself and the prospect of an awakening (.....hence Ahaa), that will result eventually in a civilization determined to represent and care for ALL of its people.

Like many such websites I guess I will eventually find a donation button but this is only to pay for the site itself with anything left over for investigative expenses.

BTW: I am a mental health survivor who now has time but little in the way of resources.



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