Wang blue

天朝和谐【P民】一只 A sample person in RPC.

阴晴不定,偶尔【抽风】 Dual personality.

高一【课改鸭梨】党 Grade One of the high school.

梦想成为【程序员】 Wanna be a programmer.

【怪咖】一枚 Strange.

【绝非】geek Not a geek.

体育【白痴】 Don't love sports any more.

学习【烂完】 Do bad in studying.

OI【大菜】 So does OI.

叔控,萝莉控 Interested in uncles,lolies.

变形金刚控,美漫控 TF,Amrican comics.

【被】认为有【双性恋】倾向 Not Straight?

天天做【白日梦】 Fall in a day dream.

【偶尔】正常努力 Word normal sometimes.

但就算日子【80%】完美 Do not have a perfect life.

我也要活的【快乐充实】 But happy and great.