Ahmad El Mir

Beirut Lebanon

Ahmad El-Mir is a designer who has a love for creativity & experimenting designs for both printing & web. He’s experienced in designing layouts with covers for books, in addition to some freelance work. He is also fascinated by the modern art & the simplicity of its design that communicates with people visually, attracting the mind of the viewer in a consumer perception. He has interests in Social Media, photography, sports & music.

Ahmad key duties & responsibilities include, among others, the following:

- Meeting clients to discuss the objectives & requirements.

- Understanding the client’s needs & developing suitable concepts.

- Estimating the amount of time needed to complete projects.
- Designing different types of illustrations & layouts as per brand guidelines.
- Produce excellent visual solutions.
- Working with different types of media, including Social Media & photography.
- Working alone or as part of a team as per the requirements of the project.
- Collaborating with copywriters, photographers, printers, stylists, illustrators, & account managers to give the best service to the clients.

Ahmad is Lebanese & studied in Beirut. He started his professional career in late 2009 at “Dar Ibn Hazm for Publishing”, designing books from A to Z. His freelance work started since his university days working on posters, signs & branding. He worked as an instructor at the “Friends of the Disabled” in 2005-2006, teaching & working with the disabled in the field of arts & crafts, plus preparation for in-house exhibitions. Ahmad participated in “Maraya – Hamra festival 2011″ with two fourteen by working on t-shirt design. He's comfortable with Mac OSX as well as Windows. In addition, he has in-depth knowledge about almost all top designing software, including the following: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, & Adobe Acrobat Professional. His interest in Social Media & it's influence on the marketing & advertising industry led Ahmad to a professional freelance experience. Currently, he’s available for freelance projects.