Ahmed El-Farra

No Women No Cry :) I'm a small town man with big dreams. composing is my passion, crafting is my hobby. I'm cathartic, invigorating, and eccentric. I'm a hopeless romantic, subjective, and unsuperstitious. I'm a day dreamer and a historical fiction enthusiast. The life factros controld by me and i like every thing look good coz that make me feel good . I get hurt... a lot. And if you lived with me you'd randomly hear me bursting out exclaiming things along the lines of, "Ow- that staircase stabbed my shoulder!" or "Crap, I cut my finger opening the gum packet again". So, if you ever need a First Aid kit, you can always count on me since I can take care of you . I do love the Twilight saga. i am like the colins . I could spend ALL day in any antique store discovering new treasures to fill my place with, any fabric store gushing over the beautiful colors and patterns so much that my heart could explode, and Anthropologie. And some of the things I love: My family . i love them by crazy way whatever they did to me My frineds i can live or go on without thier support . A I love music & melodys. I love cuddling with my dog and feeling his stinky fur on my face. I love sizing up a new, rigorous hiking trail and overcoming it. And I love curling up on the couch under a newly made quilt by yours truly with a good book in hand.