Ahmed Hazil Ahmed

Human Rights Defenders Writer. in السعودية

Ahmed Hazil Ahmed

Human Rights Defenders Writer. in السعودية

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With a strong background in promotion and communications and journalism and social media, Ahmed Hazil Ahmed, passion is inspiring motivated people to Live, Work & Connect at the Syrisches Haus.

He has studied, practised, taught, and written about the art and science of intentional networking and cultivating powerful conversations, connections, and business referrals for more than 10 years.

Born in Halab, Syria, in 1987, Study art and film-making, Cinematography and photography. Researcher, with a deep interest in history and expert with social development, with wide experience with social media.

• Ahmed is Visual Artist, Journalist and Blogger.

• Have over 5 years’ experience of NGOs organizing and social services.

• Have over 15 years’ experience of photography and graphic design and media.

• Researcher in history, Middle East politics and religions.

Affiliation: Foto Community Deutschland, Charta der Vielfalt, re:publica, NDI, IWPR, RSF, WDR

I am a moderate person in everything I have optimism and pessimism I also have all of them by proportional to the other, I see the good things and bad things do not try to deceive myself or even convinced myself any thing is real


.mdaf for human rights, freedom and justice under the rule of law activist:

أحمد هازل أحمد .Ahmed Hazil Ahmed

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