Ahmet Beliktay

Project Manager, creative, and Director in Istanbul

Before working in the field of social media, have gained competence in the field of corporate communication. I tried to junior position in the field of social media and corporate communication in many places. Moreover, I worked at @sarargroup digital strategist position that in the export of this country did 159 results.

Also, I created aristolog.com | Social Media Encyclopedia. It's about social media, marketing and entrepreneur. With strong white hat SEO experience, I have become a social media fanatic who loves technology and its application in the real world! In this process we haved two awards: Bumerang Blog's Awards and Aydın Doğan Young Communicater Awards...

Product development experience has taught me the practical side of concept to creation. As a past small business owner, I learned to consider budgetary needs and forecast. Finally, my experience in management has taught me to listen, plan and keep my technical skills to an effective training level.

As an avid open networker and social media enthusiast, I constantly look for opportunities to leverage social media to make valuable business connections and improve the bottom line for my employers, my business partners and my clients.

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    • Anadolu University
    • Hochschule RheinMain