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Antonio Horcajo

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Creative born in the world of communication and marketing, started in the "dark side" of the advertiser, passion for challenges, proactive and empathic. I base the work on good ideas, because they are able to break the commercial barrier reach the heart of the consumer and turn it into a fan.

I believe in the creativity differential value above all things, in the creative capacity of all around me. I believe that advertising is not dead, is unrecognizable and irresistible. I believe in fans not consumers, because fans make brands great.

Interested in digital culture and its impact on society, photography and audiovisual communication. I am a lover of snowboarding, surfing and diving.

I love brands for everything that involves working with them, eating them, living them and all they have done for us throughout history.

  • Work
  • Education
    • Abat Oliba CEU
    • Saint Martin"s University