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We all have certain specific moments or activities for example the fond memories that we think when we are in a situation not very pleasant designed to make us move more easily over them and overcome those moments better than thought download games torrents ps 2 free.

“Secret Agent Clank” is the game that makes us to think that there is nothing more important in this world than our friends who are always there beside us and with whom we can share everything and who can know us better than we know ourselves.

So learn to cherish them and always keep them close around you and enjoy every moment together because you never know when some situations can prevent you May be with the good and hard and then it is too late to turn back time.

Clank is the character who apparently can no longer enjoy Ratchet friend and colleague and this also because the tragedy happened and now must do everything it can to be back together but until then he will have to remove from behind bars.

Mistakenly arrived in prison on the grounds that it was the author of a crime but he did not commit but being closed and not in freedom can not do anything to prove his innocence but there is only one hope for him.

And that it is therefore even Clank must now do everything he can to save his friend and for that you have to turn into a detective to gather as much evidence favorable to him and that would undoubtedly bring freedom.

But can not do it all by yourself because this research work is not an easy one so that you will have to help him get hold of as much evidence to free their friend which is now yours as you shall take the place of Clank in this game so all responsibility is yours.

Do everything you can to be back with your friend and your partner and the whole team that was once and never forget it depends torrents games free downloadon you whether you succeed or not so do everything yourself because everything goes according to plan.