Ahuose Ehikhamenor

Student | Worker | Speaker | Polyglot | Traveler | Blogger | Outgoing | Cook | Community Volunteer | Tennis player | Swimmer | Singer | Religious | Risk-Taker | Graphics designer | Photographer | Bookworm | Conservative | Fun

I am family-oriented and I love my family for their continued love and support.

My career goal is to provide quality solutions to business problems; to deliver and manage business systems, services and projects within scope, budget and tight schedules using a set of concepts and policies to bring about the successful completion of specific goals and objectives.

My love for business analysis, business development and strategy, learning of languages and adventure brought me to Europe to study an M.Sc Management program.

Armed also with a Computer Science bachelor's degree and three years of working in one of the Big-Four Consulting firms, I am ready the challenge.

Bring It On !!!