Isaac Arnault

Small Business Owner in Paris, France

Isaac Arnault

Small Business Owner in Paris, France

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Tech start-up entrepreneur | Junior IT consultant


πŸŽ“ Education

Public Administration, ENA Fr (CISAP, 2012 Alumni)

PhD, CEDS - International Relations (2008 - 2013)

European MSc Business Strategy, EIMP (2006 - 2008)

European BA Marketing, EIMP (2005 - 2006)


πŸ’Ό Employment β€’ Current

- Junior IT consultant - Middleware

- Entrepreneur: StatesOne_com - Chief Data Officer

- Advisor in various tech, energy and music start-ups.


🐡 Bio

Former young diplomat. After my PhD I moved to Silicon Valley and started learning computer languages. I live in Paris where I run a tech start-up company.

Born on May 13, 1984 in Paris

Raised in Africa

Father: European

Mother: African

Marital status: In couple

Family: 0 Brother, 0 Sister, 2 Cacti

Business: meet me in Paris, San Francisco, Miami


πŸ‘£ Mantras

β€’ Think

β€’ Stay humble

β€’ Inspire others

β€’ Empower others

β€’ Know man's land

β€’ Do wrong to none

β€’ After one comes two, or zero



β€’ JUN2018 #Blockchain

JUN2018 #DigitalTransformation

APR2018 #Web

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