Aidan Cole

San Francisco, California, United States

Aidan founded Prosper Social Media, an online marketing company, during his freshman year of high school. He focused on strategy, scalability and measurable results. This led to clients, a full time job and an entrance into the “Silicon Valley Lifestyle.”

Now, he works with a large team of online marketing experts who service his clients. Aside from their extensive expertise in SEO/SEM, they have access to an audience on social media of over 200 million followers. They strategically leverage this audience to build brand engagement, social identities and application installs.

He’s currently finishing high school online while working on his second company with a world-class team of engineers and marketing experts. They are building, a business network for social media influencers connected to a marketplace.

  • Work
    • Prosper Social Media
  • Education
    • Penn Foster