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Aidan Foster

I run a boutique web shop called Foster Interactive,
We focused on two things: Responsive Web Design & Drupal

\\\ Responsive Web Design -- our design method \\\

Responsive Design is a way of making a single website that works effectively on both desktop browsers and the ever-growing number of mobile devices on the market. Responsive Design has lots of related buzz words: Adaptive Design, Progressive Enhancement, Mobile First... We do these too, but our job is help guide teams though these changes by partnering, training, and collaborating with a team to produce highly functional, maintainable, and future-friendly websites.

If you're interested in Responsive Web Design:
• Check out our blog (It's written for non-technical folks) >>
• Ask questions on our linked in group >>

\\\ Drupal -- our technology platform \\\

Drupal is an open-source content management system that has been evolving for over 10 years into a software package that provides clean, extensible, and highly modular code. It is used in many high-profile websites including,, and the

\\\ Aidan Foster \\\

I'm the project lead and a writer for and have been running a boutique web shop since 2002. I'm an active member of the Toronto Drupal user group, and have presented sessions on responsive web design, and project management.

-- Some of the events I've attended or participated in --

• NYC Camp (Manhattan): 2012
• DrupalCon Denver: 2012
• "Mobile First" Workshop - By Luke Wroblewski : 2012
• BAD Camp (Bay Area Drupal) - Berkeley : 2011
• Drupal Camp Toronto: 2011
(Presented session: How to Simplify Content Administration in Drupal)
• DrupalCon Chicago: 2011
• Drupal Camp Toronto: 2010
(Presented session: How to plan and project manage small & medium sized websites.)
• Drupal Camp Toronto: 2008