Aidan Mickle

Student in San Diego, California

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I'm a 20-something student, writer, photographer, baker, and nerdling from Southern California.

I attend school part-time, just taking classes which interest me or I think are directly beneficial to my overall life goals. I am not currently pursuing a degree in anything.

I'm also a part-time AP and filing clerk at a rapidly growing corporation.

I write in all sorts of genres, but I really enjoy writing snarky social commentary. I have a personal blog which is more a combination of snarky introspection and rants about living with depression and anxiety.

I prefer to take landscape and cityscape pictures, though I've dabbled in photographing people. When capturing the human form, I prefer candid and spontaneous events. Portraiture is stiff and boring.

I'm addicted to both cupcakes and Tumblr. Neither of those things work out well for the overall well being of my life.

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