Nigel Aiden Jaime

Tete, Mozambique

Born in Beira, Mozambique in 1994, Nigel was destined for international exposure. A few months after his birth he moved to Lilongwe Malawi where he spent five years. From a very young age, Nigel showed an innate passion to entertain. He was involved in several plays and musical performances and showed a distinct command of the stage. In 1999, his father started working for the United Nations and together they moved to Kingston Town, Jamaica where they stayed for 8 years. Within those 8 years, Nigel traveled to countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Canada, Ireland, Germany, France and the United States. His world travels inspired him into writing and he moved his focus from being center stage as a performer to behind the scenes as a playwright/Director. Nigel was a people person and born to stand before crowds, so whilst he went backstage in the performing arts, he found a way to get back to center stage and became an orator. He impressed his peers and most of his seniors and in 2009 after moving to Italy, he took interest with his fathers work.

In a short space of time he was involved with the United Nations Development Program and became a Youth for Human Rights Junior envoy. Some of his work involved the formation of Human rights Clubs in schools aimed at the educating of rights to youths in Africa. Working with youths inspired him to form a performing arts organization for youths called Universal Circle of Stars and this organization aimed at the development of disadvantaged youths through the performing arts and it primarily launched in Harare, Zimbabwe in 2010.

After spending a mere year in Zimbabwe, Nigel moved to Johannesburg, South Africa as part of his fathers work. He attended a course in Bussiness Administration, Human Resources and Internet Marketting at the Centurion Academy. In a short space of time he managed to set up another organization called Adolescents Aloud which is aimed at emotional intelligence coaching, communication skills development and etiquette coaching for youths with a particular emphasis on professional environments.

In 2013, Nigel decided it was important to give back to his home country and decided to travel to Tete, Mozambique & is employed as the manager of café del rio- tete mo

  • Work
    • Cafe Del Rio
  • Education
    • Harare International School
    • Unisa - The University of South Africa