Scottsdale, Arizona

Aileen was born and raised in San Francisco proper, and started her professional recruiting career in the hot bed of the Dot Com Boom and then Dot Com Bust. She worked with many of the most talented and the sharpest minds in innovation and productivity. Aileen earned the status as a #1 Producer in matching the right talent for many household names from Inc. 500, Inc. 5000 and Fortune 500. As a repeat ADP President’s Club Winner, she consulted with business owners and executives on the importance of employee engagement for maximum results. When you love what you do, it’s not work, and everyday Aileen is doing what she loves.


DotCom Bomb Survivor/Thriver Professional “Full Desk” Recruiter • Conducted thousands of interviews over the last 14 years—it’s true, the math doesn’t lie • Recruited in the burgeoning hi-tech San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California markets • #1 Producer in "Full Desk" Recruiting • Reader/Writer/Grammarian (BA in English Lit & Philosophy Minor) • Graduate of San Francisco Catholic School and Jesuit University Education


"Aileen": a birth cert typo (it's true) • Manual transmission, every time, definitely • Sometimes politically incorrect (no one is perfect, always) • Designer Shoes, then more Designer Shoes--it never ends! • Fitness Fan • oh yes, a Foodie, too • Intermittent World Traveler • Loves Kalani, her English Labrador Retriever • and LIVES the dream!


12 US States (and I don’t mean layovers) • England • Italy • Ireland • Fiji • Guatemala • Belize • Mexico...and more to come.

(Background photography and LucidVerve website photography by Alex Arthur. Portrait photography by Scott Schauer.)

  • Work
    • Enhancing someone's life enhances your own.
  • Education
    • My Bachelor of Arts Degree was worth every penny.