Aimee Hernandez

A JD/MBA who ended up with a sales gig and couldn't ask for anything better or a more exciting time to be in the online industry. Based in Los Angeles but with more frequent flyer miles than I could ever use in this lifetime, especially with the newfangled expiration rules! Grew up all over the East and Midwest but fell in love with the "West side" more than 8 years ago and bought a house here to prove my point! Always looking for good, loud and funny times with old and new friends. I work quite a bit (some say it's excessive and I have no boundaries). I don't see my friends or talk to my family enough (my phone is always on silent so I don't lose my train of thought). I have completely unstable sleeping habits (going to bed at 8pm only to wake up at 2am and go to the office or vice versa). I have more energy to get things done than I ever think I will (planted a vegetable garden after being awake for 36 hours). I have 2 insane dogs (with only 3 eyes between them) and an even more insane neighbor (long story). I'll kick you if you hurt anyone I love (especially if it's one of my nephews, my niece, or one of my sisters). I love to dance in Vegas (at a club so loud your Grandma would be disappointed). Lastly, I can't ride in cars unless I'm driving or at least in the front seat (control issues + motion sickness).