Sandra Callahan

Sandra Callahan, COTA/L and Assistive Technology Consultant

I have 26 years experience providing Occupational Therapy services to severe/profound, Autism, PH/LD/BD students, their classroom staff, and parents. This includes development of student programs; assistive technology software/devices; prevocational and vocational work site assessments and community life skills; training of classroom staff/parents on implementation and adaptation of these programs. I am responsible for adaptations for use within the classroom to make curriculum materials accessible to all learners. But most of all, I am a Tech Junkie, and am usually the first to have all the latest! I believe all students can learn and contribute to the classroom.

Our AIMEE SOLUTIONS team boasts over fifty years of combined experience in the fields of speech language pathology, occupational therapy, assistive technology and special education. We work in the classroom...and understand the needs of educational teams who work with students with moderate to severe cognitive and language impairments, physical challenges, multiple disabilities and those on the autism spectrum. Like you, we believe that all children are unique individuals who, when given appropriate opportunity, motivation and support, can learn.

AIMEE SOLUTIONS is here to help you and your students, we are committed to offering cost effective, practical solutions that build student independence, participation and opportunities for learning.