Aimée Town


Hello, I’m Aimée.

I’m an experienced Copy and Content Editor and Digital Designer. I’ve started a content management and design agency, so I’m happy to help if you need someone to guide and/or work with your content and design requirements. I’m also a Digital Design Tutor, focusing on UX/UI (User Experience/User Interface) Design and Web Development so I am also happy to teach and mentor you or any of your team.

For the past few years my freelance and research work has focused on studying and improving creative writing application and visual content in the digital environment. My focus has been on identifying and communicating what is essential content and how it transcribes across different platforms with context and intuitive navigation. Content, visual presence and the way people move through your ‘story’ will tell them everything about ‘what’ you do and ‘who’ you are – so make sure it's good so they will come back!

My love of simplicity comes from creating and consuming content during the Web 1.0 phase where good design was scarce. The Web 2.0 phase is a little different as it allows everyone to be their own content manager – so it’s important that you understand the difference between good and bad communication. Being goal-driven for relevance is important – it allows your audience to know what you do!

Education-wise I have a small collection of Diplomas and Certificates with more on the way. And I’m always about to start a new project with friends. I’m looking forward to launching my Blog which caters to those with content in need of a good editor. Any other good stuff that I do, I will link to this profile.

Watch this space!

  • Work
    • Tractor Design School
  • Education
    • Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing (RMIT, Melbourne)
    • Certificate IV Training and Assessment (Plenty Training, Melbourne)
    • Advanced Diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design (Grenadi School of Design, Melbourne)
    • Diploma in Screen Animation (Southbank Institute TAFE Brisbane)