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Known as Angie Tan either in real or virtual life. Indonesian born and Chinese raised. Doesn't looked like a Chinese because she is dominant to her great grandpa which is probably a Spanish or American Latin, idk. Using aintgie or kiwifruht for username in a lot of social medias. She speaks fluent English, Hokkien, Chinese and Indonesian (obviously).

She was born on 5 June 1995. Studying International Business in Binus International University, Indonesia and Currently studying International Trade in Cologne Business School, Germany.

Loves to beatbox since 2009 but no improvement at all. Photography is one of her hobbies. She writes a fiction on Wattpad. Used to be a hardcore gamers, one of her favorite game is Getamped.

She is an EDM junkie. She plays acoustic guitar and madly in love with drums but she cant play drums. Instead of leaving drums just like that, she learned how to beatbox. That's how the beatboxing thingy started. Yes, she loves music so much.

Doing sports are her favorite things to do as well, but swimming or badminton are not her thing. She used to be a captain on a Futsal Team. She played basketball as well but not as much as playing futsal. Well she is too old for this.

She loves to learn new culture. Especially when it comes to Japanese or Korean culture. She is now learning Japanese, Korean, Deutsche and Russian language. She had a really tough time to learn that languages because she finds it hard when it comes to the pronounciation and grammars. Wanna learn French but probably later.

One more good thing about her is that she can cook. She learned how to cook since 3rd grade of elementary school. And she loves culinary which makes her fat enough to fit her favourite outfit. So what she did is enjoying her food and watching lots of good movies. I doubt any of you read this until the end because it is so damn long and yeah whatever i am bored dammit.

Well, its a long facts about me but thanks if you read all of em, I have no idea what's on your mind that you have time to read all of my useless facts.

She loves kiwi and greenish shit so damn much.

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  • Education
    • Mutiara Bangsa 3 School
    • Bina Nusantara International University
    • Cologne Business School