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Welcome to Zerodegree Air Conditioning London. Do you want your home and workplace to be comfortable all year round? If you're in London Zerodegree Air Conditioning London are the hottest choice for your split-system heating unit:

>>> Fully Installed Cooling and Heating System from £1200<<<>>> Unit Servicing, including free Alkaline Evaporator Cleansing for just £99 and free maintenance on new installations<<<

Why Zerodegree Air Conditioning London?

Zerodegree Air Conditioning London supply, install, service and repair the very latest Heat Pump Inverter systems in South, West and North London for all air con needs. Our heating and air-con engineers are fully qualified to handle refrigerants and are approved installers of most suppliers.

Call Simply Zerodegree Conditioning London

Call us now on 020 3 1 379 879 for a free estimate on creating a more comfortable environment for your London shop, office, bar, restaurant or home.

We are Refcom Certified

We supply heating systems made by the following manufacturers:
Fujitsu, Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Sanyo and Gree.Click here to view images of some of our HVAC installs. Click the Refcom logo for details of our official certification with the air con industry's governing body.

Are you looking for quick fit air conditioning or easy-fit installation?

Check out our brand new 'Air Conditioning London Calculator' on our website and work out what size unit you require!


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