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Have you ever tried the new air fryer? They fry food, but are a lot more healthier then deep fryers.

Check out our free recipe below:

-Eggplant Fries

For this recipe, you will need:

-Eggplant (1)

-Cornstarch (a fourth of a cup)

-Olive Oil (a fourth of a cup)

-Water (a fourth of a cup)

-Salt (a sprinkle)

Heat the Airfryer to 390 degrees. Slice up the eggplant into fry shapes. Add them to a bowl and also put in the water, olive oil and cornstarch. Mix well. Take half of the fries and add them to the Airfryer. Leave them in for 13 minutes; the eggplant should get a little brown. Do this as many times as necessary to cook all the fries.

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