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Lockhart Hastings

If you buy a "do-it-your self" kind air compressor, or if you acquire any kind of air compressor for that matter, check to make confident that it comes with an Air Regulator. If not, purchase a single. You will be glad you did!

An air regulator is a device that lowers the downstream air pressure. Downstream air is the air that's moving from the regulator towards your application.

Compressed air will flow from the compressor reservoir into the air regulator (this supply is named upstream air) and by way of a program of an internal diaphragm and springs, the regulator will keep a continuous downstream air pressure level, in spite of adjustments in the upstream provide pressure from the tank.

Recognize that you can only use a compressed air regulator to enhance the downstream air pressure up to the level of the upstream supply air pressure. This astonishing wiki has assorted majestic tips for the reason for this concept. An air regulator will not enable you to "dial up" the downstream air pressure higher than the upstream level.

However, if you can figure out how to do that, do let me know, and we'll both get wealthy! -}

You will want to set the downstream air pressure from your regulator at a pressure level that is below the lowest air pressure that will be incoming from your air compressor. Here's why.

The compressor maximum pressure set point is the pressure level inside the compressor receiver at which the compressor shuts itself off. This is also identified as the "cut out" pressure.

When the cut out pressure is reached, the compressor stops compressing air. When you start off to use compressed air from the compressor tank, the pressure inside starts to drop, and eventually the compressor will start again. This is the "cut in" pressure point.

As a result, your application, be it an air tool or an air brush, will "see" varying pressures from the tank as the compressor cycles on and off in between the two set points.

For most applications, a varying air pressure provide isn't satisfactory and it is especially problematical for folks that use compressed air to spray paint. Despite your very best efforts with the air brush, if the supply air pressure is continuously changing, so too will the good quality of your perform.

This brings us back to the why you will often want to have an air regulator