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Aishwarya Saigal

New Delhi

Modest enough - to take sooooo long to write about myself on this space and toot my horn!

An accomplished freelance Graphic and Web Designer and Developer with 13 years of experience.
• Logos • Brochures
• Web design • Web development • Hosting
• Multimedia Projects • LOVE Photography
• Crochet / Knitting • Reading
• Lyricist • write poetry
• Music -- engineering as well
• At 10, played tunes on the harmonium by ear… At 16 (to 18) learnt the Piano. Will take up Flute and/or Violin one day
• Painter • Accomplished Potter
Fun, funny, friendly, giving, diligent, hard working, logical, spontaneous, spiritual, compassionate….working on more.

Based in India, completed projects from America, London, Switzerland.

  • Work
    • Web, Graphics, Pottery, Photography, Art
  • Education
    • BFA Applied Art | MFA Computer Art