Aisha Litha

Student and Writer in Sri Lanka

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What u wanna seriously know about me is I'm basically too impressionable and happiness, sadness whatever emotions holds me tightly and completely.I hope I'm enough mannered but a bit of senseless of with whom I want to speak in which way and having a bit of arrogance Jealousy, taking revenge,anger,stubborn&very less tolerance and patience. Interested in both social life and hard aimed.I'm the person of strongly believing my religion, Islam and also believe family relationships and marriage. Trying to have everyone as closest but loneliness is embracing me yet. Totally I'm a funny girl who always smiles and make everyone smile.

Moon light, Candles ,Silent night, Terrace with pink rosses& cool breez can easily take me to the high of temptation.

I'm very fond of viewing the world through the pink coloured glass.

Expect from me not perfection only my honest self.