Aishwariya Ramachandran

Software Engineer and Blog-writter in Warsaw, Poland

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I am 22 who moved to Warsaw city. I consider my self as a hardworking and ambitious person, with tons of positive attitude and constantly ready to take up challenges and make a mark in the IT industry. Programming is a major part of my life, and so I spend most of the day reading and searching and writing code ..

I am working as a Software Engineer. Sometimes things seem bigger than they are from the outside, but Aishwariya Ramachandran B.SC APPLIED INFORMATICS is really still a teeny tiny front-end developer. Keep reading for a little bit about the people behind the code. I’m a developer, which means that I code – I don’t do any design in-house.

  • Work
    • Oracle Scotland Ltd. Br Poland
  • Education
    • Kraków University of Economics