Aizel De Guzman

Professionally: A flexible and committed Recruitment Specialist/Technical Recruiter with almost one and a half (1 ½) years of Technology and recruitment management experience. Expertise in sourcing and screening. Skilled in talent matching, interviewing process and account management. Excellent work ethics, pays great attention to detail, and is driven by the satisfaction of delivering solutions that enable people to realize their full potential. Excellent understanding of the recruitment process flow and its challenges. Self-motivated, highly responsible, flexible and persistent with the ability to work well under pressure and manage multiple priorities.

♥♥♥ Just an ordinary girl made extraordinary by God. Interestingly and uniquely created. Never fail to be amazed by God's love, grace and mercy.Going on a journey to become the woman God's created me to be. Every time I am lost, I know His love will lead me home. Refreshed whenever I turn to Him.♥♥♥