Adrian Joel Schmidt

München, Deutschland

Are you a visionary entrepreneur or freelancer? If so you are dedicated to excellence. What would it mean to you if you could maximize your personal and professional potential?

A pioneer is a person who ventures into unknow. He or she opens up new areas of thought, research or development. Famous pioneers in history are Columbus, the Wright Brothers, Darwin and Cousteau to name but a few. In modern times there are Steve Jobs, Robert E.Kahn und Vint Cerf.

My name is Adrian Joel Schmidt. I inspire and empower pioneers to reach out for their excellence.

In my experience coaching is a fantastic way to accelarate your progress. In the definition of Results-Coaching-System, coaching is a discussion technique to facilitate positive change by improving thinking. I support your learning journey through coaching principles of contemporary neuroscience.

Imagine you could develop a strategy to achieve your biggest goals with greater ease. This and much more could be the result of our coaching partnership.

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