Ajama Jireh

Dancer and Student in Bamenda, Cameroon

Chao! I'm Ajama Jireh, but the world knows me as "AJAMA 500 Voltz". I come from Bamenda, which is in the North West Region of Cameroon.

In line with my aspirations to be a marriage counsellor and resource personnel some day, I study Sociology and Anthropology in the University of Buea.

I'm a very passionate person. I'm in love with dance, which is my most precious gift and I don't joke with what makes me happy. I've been dancing ever since I was eight years old, and I don't plan to ever stop.

I hope to contaminate the millions around me with my passion for dance. One thing I always say "...stand for your passion and never lose grip of the people who help you realise your dreams"

"je blague"

_____Ajama 500 Voltz