Ajay Kapoor

Delhi, India

I am a digital enthusiast, infatuated by social media and digital marketing while studying Pharmaceutical Sciences. In my current job, I am creating the marriage between complex Pharma/Biotech business Intelligence and Digital Media. For Inspiration & introspection I travel to awe inspiring Himalyas, socialize with mavens and drink beer with digital marketeers.

Responsible travel is always on my head, thus founded an eco-travel initiative called EduJourneys.

Whenever free, or daydreaming I am riding SuperTramper (My Bike's name) across the globe and watercrossings, through continents and tunnels, verdure lands and deserts!

I love to socialize, inquisitive about new music and a big time foodie. They call me flop musician, avid traveler and crazy backpacker.

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