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Antonio J. Garcia Martinez

Madrid Spain

Over 20 years ago I was fascinated by Tolkien, then I learned to program and I did this game. The motivation and passion are essential. I am proud of creating the first Spanish electronic journal (Virtual Zone Magazine) on game programming and security in the mid 90's. My favorite book is Cuckoo's Egg by Clifford Stoll, 20 years ago I was inspired by it and now I'm working as security consultant. In the future I would like to help companies improve their information security creating my own startup, Security Adviser. I'm working on it. I founded a project to teach children to program in Python, simple language and with great success in the industry of Internet and Information Security. The project is called I have a passion to meet people, learn languages ​​and culture, my house is open to the world through the couchsurfing project. My Digital Resume here. I would like to live and work in California. Someday ... End of line.

  • Work
    • Security Consultant