Alex Graham

Web Developer, PHP, and WordPress in England, United Kingdom

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I'm a Freelance Web Developer based in West Sussex, England focusing mainly on Front-end and WordPress web development. Previously I've worked for various sized companies and organisations in England, Scotland and the Czech Republic. You can find out more about my professional activities via my CV.

I've been working in Web Development for over 6 years now. I started at College with C++, studied Java, PHP and JavaScript at Uni and caught the wave with SCSS/Compass and more front-end focused development since. From 2012 onwards all of the projects I've worked on have used SCSS and Compass and almost all have been Responsive using Foundation. I've used alot of different technology, including JQuery/Zepto, Modernizr, WordPress, Intershop and API's from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many others.

Some of the recent websites I've built are:,,,,,

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    • Freelance Web Developer
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    • BSc Internet Computing
    • BTEC in Computing