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Andrew King

Andrew King

coder - i love to dabble in code, be it php, sql, java, etc. i'm not going to get rich on what i do when it comes to code, but give me a task and i'll figure out how to hack it together.

voter - i served for 8 years in the air force. i have lost friends to war. i take my civic duties seriously. it's the least i can do for them. it's possible we may see eye to eye on issues, but maybe not. either way, yours is a voice i want to hear, whether i agree with you or not.

protector - double whammy: i specialize in computer security, and i take my role as a husband and father seriously. my job is interesting. it keeps me on my toes. it's a continuously changing landscape out there. in the family as well - i have an 18 year old son, a 10 year old daughter and an 8 year old daughter. tell me i don't have some insanity in my life, and i'll buy you a beer so you can explain how yours is more complicated.